Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding cycle insurance. Simply click on the relevant heading below and view questions and answers on the topic. If the answer to your question is not here, give us a call and we'll be happy to assist.

Many people assume that their cycle(s) will be covered by a household insurance policy, but this may be an optional extra only, available upon payment of an additional premium or capped to a limit which may not prove to be sufficient for the value of the cycle(s).

Many cycles, especially those used for commuting, are stolen away from the home and may not be covered by a standard home contents policy.

If the cycle is covered under the home insurance at the home address, cover does not always extend to theft outside of the main property, such as if the cycle is stolen from a garage, shed or outbuilding. There are often extra minimum security restrictions that need to be adhered to for a claim to be valid as well. These requirements apply to cycle insurance as well so be sure to read all relevant policy documentation.

Having a separate cycle policy means that you do not have to claim against your household policy and see a resultant rise in the future premiums.

A household contents insurance policy may not offer 'new for old' cover, so you may not get the full value of your cycle in the event of a claim, but a proportion of its value after a deduction for wear and tear. Our policies offer full new for old cover with no deduction for wear and tear, regardless of age, provided the sum insured is maintained at an adequate level [see underinsurance].

If you have purchased a cycle through a cycle to work scheme, you may be required, under the terms of the agreement, to insure the cycle in both your name and that of the cycle to work scheme provider, a household insurance policy may not accommodate that.

Expensive cycles, particularly top-end mountain and road cycles, are often stolen to order either inside or outside the home. While the best high quality locks can prevent theft, a specific cycle insurance policy gives additional peace of mind.

Generally, specialist cycle insurance policies will be more comprehensive and offer more suitable cover than home insurance policies. Adding a cycle to a home insurance policy could incur an additional charge, which will vary depending on the home insurance provider and the value of the cycle. It is worth comparing this additional home insurance cost to the cost of specialist cycle insurance, especially in the case of higher value cycles which are often not acceptable on home insurance, as most home insurance providers have a maximum insured value for pedal cycles. It is also worth comparing exactly what is covered by each policy, as it may be the case that for a minor difference in cost, specialist cycle insurance will offer far more comprehensive cover than home insurance.

I'm buying a cycle through my employer through a Cycle to Work scheme – can I still insure it?

Yes, but there are some aspects of the cycle to work arrangements that you will need to consider.

Under the terms of your cycle to work agreement, you will need to check who actually owns the cycle. Some arrangements mean that you will be asked to insure it but will need to note the interest of the providers of the cycle. This is because they still have an insurable interest until you have finished paying for it.

Remember, you must also insure for the full value of a replacement cycle. If you bought your cycle under a cycle to work scheme and it is stolen, it could cost up to twice as much to replace with no more tax relief.

Also see our 'Sum Insured' FAQs.

What is public liability cover?

Public Liability is also known as personal liability or third party liability. It provides cover for claims brought against you by other parties for bodily injury or property damage as a direct result of your ownership or use of the cycle. This is an optional cover available on our policies but if you are a member of a cycling organisation you should check to see if your membership already includes this cover.

Does the Personal Accident option cover loss of earnings?

As with Public Liability, this cover provides a fixed sum of money in the event of a cycling related accident which results in certain specified injuries. It does not extend to include any regular payments or loss of earnings.

As with Public Liability cover, if you are a member of a cycling organisation, Personal Accident cover may be provided for you within your membership fee.

Can I add or make changes to the policy at any time?

Yes, you can add or delete insured items and change some aspects of your policy. Note that additions will incur additional costs. Additional premiums are charged on a pro rata basis from the date of change.

What is 'New for Old'?

Our policies are written on a ‘New for Old’ basis regardless of the age of the cycle. This means that Insurers will pay for a replacement cycle of the same or similar make/model, etc. at the prices prevailing at the time of the claim, without any deduction for wear or tear. If your cycle has been discontinued, Insurers will pay for the cost of repair or replacement with a cycle of a similar type or equivalent specification. If your cycle is a hybrid or composite cycle, Insurers will pay for the replacement cost of the individual components.

However, you must ensure that the sum insured remains adequate to meet those costs, or Insurers may then only pay a rateable proportion of the loss (see ‘underinsurance’).

What is underinsurance?

If the sum insured is not sufficient to allow the Insurer to pay for a replacement, or the repair of the cycle, they will apply a formula to the claim and only pay a proportion of the claim. For example:

If you purchased your cycle 3 years ago for £1,000 and insured it for this amount without updating the sum insured in the interim, the actual cost of a ‘like for like’ replacement at today’s prices may be £1,300. The Insurer will not pay more than the sum insured, i.e. £1,000 and, in fact, will be entitled to only pay the rateable proportion of the loss, which is £769 (the sum insured of £1,000 ÷ the true replacement cost - £1,300 x by the amount of the loss - £1,000).

So it is important to make sure that the sum insured is always kept up to date. We will remind you of this at each renewal.

What value should I insure my cycle for?

For items that can be readily replaced with a new one (or with a similar model), the value should be the usual, undiscounted cost including VAT from a reputable dealer at the time you apply. End of season offers and bargains from e-bay do NOT count as the usual price.

It is better to over insure rather than under insure.

What is the maximum value you insure?

We can provide cover for all cycles and fixed accessories up to a maximum value of £15,000 on any one policy. You can insure as many cycles as you wish on one policy providing the total value does not exceed £15,000.

If you have cycles over these limits, we may be able to cover you, please call for an individual quote.

I recently bought my cycle from e-bay and I don't have a receipt for it – can I still insure it?

Yes, although you should make sure that the value you insure it for sufficiently covers a new cycle of the same style, quality and functionality. This is because we replace cycles on a new for old basis – if you put a lower value in, you may have to make up the difference to get a cycle of similar functionality.

As you don't have a receipt, we'd advise that you have a picture taken of you with the cycle (preferably auto dated) and keep that in a safe place, should you have to make a claim. Keeping a copy of the auction and any Paypal payment record would also be useful.

I have a racing cycle with several sets of racing wheels which I also need to insure. Should I include the cost of them in my cycle value?

You have £500 cover for accesories and spares, which could be used for a second set of wheels. If your set of wheels exceeds this value then contact us at and we can amend your policy accoringly.

I built my cycle myself - can I still be covered? The frame, drive train and components were all bought from separate stores. Do I need proof of purchase for all components? Can I include an amount in the insured value for the time I spent constructing the cycle?

When insuring custom built cycles we ask that you insure them for the full retail cost as new to replace with the same or similar frame and components as you currently have. Unfortunately you cannot include the time it would take to build up your cycle again.
In the event of a claim you do need to provide us with proof of ownership for your cycle and lock, so as your cycle does consist of various components we would require receipts, packaging, instruction manuals, or photographs for your cycle and the components attached, in order to be able to replace the cycle with the same or similar.

Do you cover accessories e.g. lights, panniers etc?

Yes, we cover fixed accessories up to the value of £500. If your total accessories exceed this value, then contact us here and we can amend your policy accordingly. Please note that these fixed accessories are only covered when stolen with your cycle at the same time.

I have recently purchased a child trailer costing £500 do you cover such items?

Yes although you need to let us know so that we can note this on your policy and ensure the overall sum insured includes the value of the trailer.

I have about £60 worth of accessories on my cycle that are non-removable e.g. mud guards and pedals. If my cycle was stolen, would I need to have already informed you of these additions or can I just claim the insured value that I have increased to include the accessories? Do I need proof of purchase or a photo to prove that these items are on the cycle?

You need to include the replacement value of any 'fixed' accessories when taking out the policy. If you buy accessories later and add them to your cycle(s), you can update the value of your cycle(s) by logging in to Your Account.

You need proof of ownership of the items, this can include receipts, packaging or photos of the items attached to the cycle.

Do you cover more than one cycle on a policy?

Yes, provided they are all owned and used by the same person/family at the same address.

The cycle(s) values must not exceed a combined total of £15,000. Values higher than this may be accommodated and you can contact us here for a bespoke quotation.

Family use is automatically covered, which extends the theft and accidental damage cover whilst a family member uses your cycle(s).

Do you insure professional cyclists?

No, sorry - we can only insure cyclists that do not earn their living from cycling. However, cyclists who use their cycle to commute to and from work would be covered.

Do I need any specific security on my vehicle or where I keep my cycle?

Yes - the requirements are quite specific in terms of types of locks and security devices. For more details, see our security requirements guide or the policy wording.

I have a lock which isn't included in your approved lock list – what should I do?
Sold Secure provides a list of locks that have been tested and approved to differing levels of security and we are confident that they provide the best level of defence against cycle theft, so we would advise that you buy one of those locks and use your existing lock as a secondary lock.

If you feel that your lock offers the same level of protection to a similar lock on our list, then you can call us or the lock manufacturer to see whether it is suitable.

The security requirements in the policy say the cycle must be locked to an immovable object inside the house, is this correct?

If your cycle is kept in a house, flat or room (in a communal residence), the cycle should be kept inside and any security devices (locks, alarms etc.) put into use. It does NOT need to be locked to an immovable object.

If the cycle is stored in a private garage (not attached to the house), or a privately accessed wooden shed, the doors must be locked and the cycle must be locked to an immovable object.

If the insured location is an underground car park situated beneath your main residence which is privately accessed by residents, or a communal hallway or communal outbuilding, the cycle must be locked to an immovable object. In view of the higher risk, the Theft excess is increased to 20% of the settlement value of the claim.

Can I choose to get my cycle repaired or replaced at my local cycle shop?


Our policy is underwritten by Pen Underwriting Ltd, and the claims process allows for a customer to choose to use their local cycle shop for repairs or replacement, provided the costs are reasonable. Please provide an estimate of the cost of replacement of the cycle for Pen Underwriting Ltd to review and make a decision on your claim before you order a replacement cycle.

I have previously made a claim, will this affect my cover?

You need to tell us about any cycle related losses or claims you have had within the last three years, whether insured or not. This is unlikely to affect your premium but it is important that you make an honest disclosure of any previous claims or losses, as this could invalidate your cover if you do not tell us.

You must also disclose any material facts such as criminal convictions, other than motoring offences, or a conviction spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. If you are in any doubt, you should tell us.

I don't have receipts for all of my cycle parts and accessories, what can I do to prove ownership?

It's particularly important that you have proof of ownership of any major cycle parts and lock so whenever you purchase these items please keep the receipt in a safe place. Proof of this could be packaging, manuals or photos of all of the relevant parts, clearly showing the make (and model if applicable) of that item.

Alternatively bank or credit card statements can be provided and in some occasions, retailers may be able to provide copy receipts for larger purchases.

Pen Underwriting Ltd will discuss proof of ownership documentation with you during the claims process.

My son/daughter has taken their cycle to University, can it be covered on my policy?

No, the policy is designed only to cover cycles at the risk address. If a cycle is kept at another address it will require a separate policy.

Is my cycle only covered while locked at my workplace?

Providing you follow the security requirements, your cycle is covered whether at home, work or whilst out and about. It's very important that wherever you leave your cycle it is securely locked (using an approved lock and not left unattended for more than 12 hours (24 hours if left locked at a train station).

Am I covered to take my cycle abroad?

Our standard cover allows you to use your cycle(s) Worldwide.

If I take my cycle abroad is it covered whilst on the plane?

Provided your cycle is suitably packed in a cycle bag or box and you have a receipt from the airline that your cycle was checked onto the aircraft, your cycle would be covered against accidental damage. Any claims would still be subject to our minimum claim amount of £100 and the Accidental damage excess increases to 20% of the settlement value of the claim. Cycle boxes are automatically included on the policy up to the value of £500.
It is virtually impossible to lock a cycle to an immovable object whilst being loaded on or off the plane, and also whilst in flight – you would not be covered against theft. However, you should be able to claim against the airline.

Does your policy cover cycles stored outside overnight, if locked to an immovable object using an approved lock? For instance - a rear garden or a campsite with cycle storage.

When the cycle is at the 'insured location' it must be kept inside a building/garage/shed. If the cycle was stolen from the garden (even if secured to an immovable object) your cycle would not be covered. An exception can be made for large specialist cycles, e.g. cargo bikes or recumbents but only if these are specifically referred to us.
When you are away from the home, such as at a campsite, the cycle(s) would be covered if locked to an immovable object with an approved lock and left unattended for up to a maximum of 12 hours.

What if the cycle cannot always be kept indoors? At times it will be parked in town and in cycle racks for a number of hours?

We understand that cycles can't always be kept indoors If you need to leave your cycle at work, school or whilst shopping, you need to ensure that it's locked to an immovable object using an approved lock. Unless it's at a designated storage area of a train station, you can only leave your cycle unattended for a maximum of 12 hours (24 hours if it's locked at a train station).

Do you only cover UK residents?

Yes. You must be a resident of, and domiciled in, the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Northern Ireland.

Am I covered if I lend, loan or hire my cycle to someone else?

Provided the person is a member of your family, your cycle(s) will be covered for use by other members of your family against theft and accidental damage only.

A family member means parents, spouse, partner, siblings or children but only when living at the insured location.

The policy will not provide cover for hiring your cycle as this is classed as a business activity.