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Here are examples of situations where an amendment to your CycleSure Policy may be needed.

  • You change your address, or the address where the cycle(s) are normally kept
  • You need to change the value of the cycle(s)
  • You purchase additional cycles
  • You want to extend the cover to include Competetive Events Extension
  • You wish to add Excess Waiver Extension
  • You wish to add Personal Accident Cover
  • You need to change the renewal date
  • Other changes to the risk occur

For policies incepted after 1st July 2020:

If you need to change the details of your cover, or if you wish to add or delete a cycle, by changing the total value of your cycle(s), please amend your policy online by logging into Your Account.

For policies incepted prior to 1st July 2020:

If you need to change the details of your cover, or if you wish to add or delete a cycle(s), please phone our office on 0151 427 9529, or email .

When the time comes to renew your CycleSure Policy we will send you a renewal reminder.

Premium payments will be refunded in certain circumstances:

1. 'Cooling off' Period

If the cover provided by the CycleSure policy does not meet your specific demands and needs, please return the Policy of Insurance to us within 14 days of the inception date. The premium paid (including Insurance Premium Tax) will be refunded to you. A £10 administration charge will be deducted from the refund.

2. Mid-Term Cancellation

We have the right to cancel the CycleSure policy at any time providing we give you 7 days notice in writing to your last known address. If we do this, you will receive a pro-rata return of premium (including Insurance Premium Tax) less our commission.

You have the right to cancel your CycleSure policy at any time during the period of insurance and you may do so by giving us 14 days notice in writing of your intention to cancel. We then have the right to forego this notice period and allow you to cancel your policy immediately, if we so choose. If you do decide to cancel the policy mid-term by giving the appropriate period of notice, you will receive a pro-rata return of premium (including Insurance Premium Tax) less our commission. A £10 administration charge will be deducted from the refund.

3. Notice

Proper notice by us to you of the intention to cancel will be deemed to have been made if the Notice of Cancellation letter was sent to you by 'Recorded Delivery'. The period of notice will be deemed to have commenced on the day following the postage, providing the letter was sent to your last known address.


Claims Procedure

If you need to make a claim, it's a good idea to have your policy schedule to hand and to note down the details of the damage before you call us, to allow us to deal with your claim as quickly as possible


  • If your cycle has been stolen, contact the Police immediately, making a note of the crime number.

  • If your cycle has been stolen or has been damaged in an accident, please contact Pen Underwriting:

    Claims Telephone Number – 03300 107 190
    Claims Email Address –

  • To help us progress your claim, please collect as much information as possible to assist with the claim process and then once you have notified your claim by phone or email as above, your claims manager will ask you to provide the following:

    If the cycle has been damaged – a repair estimate

    If the cycle has been stolen - an estimate for the cost of replacement of the cycle.

    Original purchase receipt for the cycle or proof of purchase..

    Photographs of the cycle and any damaged parts.

    Photographs of damage caused by thieves entering the insured location in order to steal the cycle, plus a receipt or estimate for repairing the damage.

    If the cycle was stolen away from the insured location and was locked to an immovable object you must send to us a photograph of the damaged lock or the lock key plus a receipt for your approved lock. You must also enclose a photograph of the immovable object to which the cycle was locked.

    If the cycle was stolen from a vehicle you must provide photographic evidence of any damage caused by the thieves when entering the vehicle.

    If you were involved in a road traffic accident please prepare a sketch diagram of the road layout where the accident occurred indicating your position and that of any other party involved in the accident

Please notify a claim to us as soon as you can. If you delay, this can make it difficult for us to deal with your claim and may result in it being rejected.

Do not order a replacement cycle, or hire a cycle, until your claim has been approved and you have been told how it is to be settled.


Public Liability

  • If someone (a third party) is holding you  responsible for an injury or any damage, you must not admit responsibility make any offer in settlement, or do or say anything which might prejudice our position in terms of defending your claim. To report a new claim or incident please please contact Pen Underwriting:

    Claims Telephone Number – 03300 107 190
    Claims Email Address –

  • It is very important for you to notify us as soon as possible of any actual claim or any possible claim for compensation which has been or may be made against you as a result of a cycling accident.

  • If you have been involved in an accident, and no claim against you has actually been made, but you suspect that this is likely to happen, you should take the precaution of informing Pen Underwriting Ltd on the above phone number/email that there has been an incident. Depending on the circumstances, claimants may have several years to bring their claim against you. It is best to tell us as much about the incident whilst it is fresh in your mind and allows us to collect evidence and witness statements which will help us deal with the issue more effectively.

  • Please keep any correspondence received from the party who is claiming against you, together with other documents, photographs or information which will help to defend the claim in preparation to send into our Claims Team once you have notified us of the incident and we have given you a claim reference number.

  • If you have any footage from, for example, a helmet camera, please retain this and we will discuss how you can share it with us. You may wish to consider if there are any other CCTV cameras in the vicinity and request a copy of this from the relevant party. This can assist us greatly in determining where a liability may attach.

  • Please inform us if you are a member of a cycling association and have your membership details to hand when you contact us. It would also be useful for you to have a copy of your policy schedule when you are reporting a new claim.


Personal Accident

  • If you have the relevant cover under your policy (see your policy schedule for details) and been injured as a result of an accident involving use of your cycle and wish to claim under the Personal Accident section of the policy, please contact Pen Underwriting:

    Claims Telephone Number – 03300 107 190
    Claims Email Address –

If at any stage of the proceedings you are not sure what to do, or what is required of you for your claim to be processed and paid, please contact us on 0151 427 9529.


“You are a cycle owner resident in the United Kingdom who does not use their cycle for professional purposes other than commuting. In the last 5 years, the total value of all claims or losses relating to this insurance does not exceed £5,000 and you have not:

  • Had any insurance or proposal cancelled, withdrawn, declined or made subject to special terms; or
  • Had any claim against your for third party property damage or bodily injury arising from the use, ownership or possession of a cycle; or
  • Made more than two claims for damage to your cycle; or
  • Had any previous Legal Expenses claims
You have not been:
  • Convicted or charged with any offence, other than a motoring offence or conviction spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974; or
  • Declared bankrupt or become insolvent or made any voluntary arrangement with creditors or been subject to enforcement of a judgement debt”

Butterworth Spengler (CycleSure) Ltd believe it is important for customers to know with whom they are dealing and to be assured that the cycle insurance product they are purchasing is genuine and backed not only by a major insurer but also by the protections which the insurance market and the financial services market have implemented to avoid customers being let down.

CycleSure cycle insurance is underwritten by Pen Underwriting as a Managing General Agent for Argo Direct Ltd and Covea Insurance plc and the scheme is managed by Butterworth Spengler (CycleSure) Ltd .

Butterworth Spengler (CycleSure) Ltd and Pen Underwriting are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

If you wish to assure yourself that both and Butterworth Spengler (CycleSure) Ltd and Pen Underwriting are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

please visit the FCA website at
phone the FCA directly on 0800 111 6768 (freephone).

Butterworth Spengler (CycleSure) Ltd,(previously trading as Butterworth Insurance Services Ltd), have been providing cycle insurance for more than 25 years and we are highly respected in this sector. You can be assured therefore that this cycle insurance is fit for purpose. However, the service we provide is one of transaction only and we do not give advice or make recommendation, although it is inevitable that we will ask you questions in order for us to ensure that you obtain the correct cover and extensions of cover for your individual demands and needs. Ultimately, the decision on whether to insure with us, which type of cover to purchase, and what extensions of cover are needed, will be a matter for you to decide. Your decision will be based on your own interpretation of the information contained in the pages of this website and in any literature or documentation we may send to you.

You have a right to complain if you are dissatisfied in any way with the service we provide for you, and within the policy documents there is a formal complaints procedure. In the first instance you must write to The Managing Director, Butterworth Spengler (CycleSure) Ltd , 20-24 Faraday Road, Wavertree Technology Park, Wavertree, Liverpool L13 1EH.

A full copy of the Terms Of Business under which we operate is available by clicking on the link below:

Terms Of Business Agreement


1. Terms of Use

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2. Disclaimer

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We reserve the right to change in any respect or in any aspect the form or content of this website, for any reason whatsoever and without our having to give notice to you. By continued use of the website you tacitly acknowledge your acceptance to any changes which we may make to any of the above, and we hereby disclaim any liability for your failure to note or be aware of any such changes.

4. Governing Law

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Complaints Procedure

At Pen Underwriting, it is always our intention to provide a first class standard of service. However, it is appreciated that occasionally things go wrong. In a majority of cases the agent who arranged the insurance will be able to resolve any concerns and You should contact them directly in the first instance.

Alternatively You can complain by contacting Pen Underwriting Limited (as per the contact details below) quoting Your Policy and/or Claim number. We will investigate Your concerns and provide a response as soon as possible.


Pen Underwriting Limited
7th Floor Spectrum Building
55 Blythswood Street
G2 7AT
Telephone: 0141 285 3589


Should You remain dissatisfied having received a Final Response to Your complaint and You fit the definition of an ‘eligible complainant’, You may then be able to refer Your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). Please note that the FOS allow 6 months from the date of the Final Response to escalate Your complaint to them. Further details on eligibility and the referral process can be found on the FOS Website.

They can be contacted at:

Post: The Financial Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower London E14 9SR
Telephone: 0800 0234567 (for landline users)
0300 1239123 (for mobile users)

You have six months from the date of our final response to refer your complaints to the FOS. This does not affect your right to take legal action, however, the FOS will not adjudicate on any case where litigation has commenced.

Thank You For Your Feedback

We value your feedback and at the heart of our brand we remain dedicated to treating our customers as individuals and giving them the best possible service at all times. If we have fallen short of this promise, we apologise and aim to do everything possible to put things right.

1. Our Commitment to You

Butterworth Spengler (CycleSure) Ltd is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. Our Privacy and Data Protection Notice sets out the basis for which any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us, will be processed by us. The full document is available here.

2. System Security

Our website and database are hosted by Applied Interactive Media Ltd, Goodyear Business Park, New Street, Mawdesley, Lancashire, L40 2QP. Their procedures with regard to data warehousing, access and disclosure of information, are all in accordance with appropriate Data Protection Legislation.

We do not store or keep any credit card or debit card details on our system.

We must point out to you that emails are not guaranteed to be totally secure, and we recommend that you bear this in mind before you send any personal or confidential information to us by email. If you do so then this will be considered to be at your own risk.

3. Cookies

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4. Claims Data Protection

Pen Underwriting Limited are the data controller of any personal information You provide to Us or personal information that has been provided to Us by a third party. We collect and process information about You in order to arrange insurance policies and to process claims. Your information is also used for business purposes such as fraud prevention and detection and financial management. This may involve sharing Your information with third parties such as insurers, brokers, reinsurers, claims handlers, loss adjustors, credit reference agencies, service providers, professional advisors, our regulators, police and government agencies or fraud prevention agencies.

We may record telephone calls to help us monitor and improve the service we provide. For further information on how Your information is used and Your rights in relation to Your information, please see our Privacy Policy – If You are providing personal data of another individual to us, You must tell them You are providing their information to Us and show them a copy of this notice.